Essential materials • 10 Black
• 5 Dark-Blue
• 10 White
• 6 Light-blue
• 1 Glitter blue
• 2 Glitter Pink
• 8 Beads Ψ 10 mm
• 2 Oval Beads
• 1 White scoubidou
• 1 Metal strand- 1 m
Technical sequence • Fold the metal strand exactly in two even length.
• Start with 2 strands of black.
• Add 1 dark blue strand and make sure that the strand are on the inside o the black strands
• 1 straight knot
• Add the metal strand with the middel part in the middel of the knot. You have let the metal strand follow the outside of the scoubidouBr> • 1 straight knot
• Add 1 pink strand in the middel
• 2 straight knot.
• Add 1 Light•blue strand in between the pink and the black strands on each side.
• 6 straight knot
• Add 1 dark blue strand in the middel
• 2 straight knot
• Cut 1 black and 1 light blue strand on each side away.
• Lace the oval beads over the metal strands. One om each side. Bend the metal tightly to the scoubidou.
• 5 Straight knots as tightly as you can around the beads. The metal strand which is still in site will be wraped with the white strand later on.
• Add 1 light blue strand on both sides.
• 1 straight knot
• Add 1 black strand on both sides.
• 4 straight knot
• Add the glitter transparant strand in the middel. You thrust the strand from the back to the front . Make sure that you see no strand on the back side.
• 1 straight knot

Repetition pattern
8x repeat
1- Thrust the glitter strand from front to the back and lace the red or yellow bead over the glitter strand.
2- 2 straight
3-Thrust the glitter strand from back to the front and pull it tightly .
4- 4 straight
• Cut 1 light-blue strand away at both sides.
• 3 Straight
• Cut 1 pare of dark blue strands
• 2 Straight
• Cut 1 pare of light blue strands
• 1 Straight .
• Cut one off the metal strands away
• Replace the pink strands with glitter pink strands and make the round knot from here on.
• As soon as the dark blue is finished you eplace it with a glitter blue strand.
• After 5 cm cut the pink strands away
• After 7 cm cut the glitter blue strands away
• After 10 cm add a bead over the metal strand.
• 2 round knots and cut the metal strand away.
• Add a bead over the scoubidou strands. Make a few more knots and cut the strands a an even lenght
• Wrap the metal strands at the eyes with a half of the white strand and your sea-horse is finished.
Design by Liesbeth Kruythoff-Flohil Click and Mail