Essential materials Each Leg:

4 Orange normal and/or Glitter
2 GreenTransparent
2 Yellow Transparent
4 Yellow Transparent
1 Blue
1 Metal strand 200 mm

32 Orange gewoon en/of Glitter
16 GreenTransparent
16 Yellow Transparent
32 Yellow Transparent
8 Blue
8 Metal strand 200 mm
1 Ball 70 mm
Technical sequence
each Leg.
Start with 2 Orange and 2 green Transparent.
4 round knots
Stab the Metal strand of 200 mm in the middel
1 round knots
Add 1 Yellow Transparent in 1 round knot
15 round knots
Add 1 Yellow srand in 1 round knot
10 round knots
Add 1 Yellow strand in 1 round knot
10 round knots
Add 1 Blue Transparent strand in 1 round knot
You make approximately 50 round knots. You exchange the to short strands for new ones and if its not exactly the same color, doesn''t matter, that makes it alive.
At the end of a leg leave enough metal strand for later use.
Connect Take a metal strand 9 times the width of a leg. See the purple line in the picture. that is the place where you put the metal strand and make a straight kot over the metals strand. make 3 more knots. Do this with all the legs exept the last one. Bend the metal strand round. Now you let both ends go over the last leg and again make the straight knots with the extra 3 knots.
Cut al the strands short on 5 cm from the leg. This will make the collar
Cut the metal strands of the legs on 2 cm from the leg and bend theme al in the same direction. Upward.
The Ball kan be pinned on the metal strands. This is it's head.
Put the eyes a little bit low on the head near the legs and your octopus is finished.
Design by Liesbeth Kruythoff-Flohil Click and Mail